How to Reduce Joint Pain

According to the best rheumatologist in Dubai, it is estimated that 10 out 8 people suffer some kind of joint pain in their life. Joint pain is something that even the best doctors and physicians in the world cannot detect the issue with the patient. People would eat all sorts of pills and do all sorts of medications to get their joints free from pain but sometimes, none of them works. And sometimes, all the pains are gone with just a change of mattress or change of postures fix the back pain. It seems like a whole mystery lies in the back regarding the pain and the reasons of aches.

Companies and manufacturers are joining minds with medical experts to come up with more solutions for joint pain. Some have developed instant pain-relieving sprays, balms and creams, while some come up with mattress, pillows, chairs and much more. Sometimes, it seems all will fail and the joint pain will be there. Back pain is a kind of distress that is felt throughout the day. And if you have back pain, then click now and try some of our remedies for joint pain.

Reduce Your Weight: this may be offensive to some but this is a fact that with fat, comes a lot of diseases. Physicians and doctors say that your weight should be according to your height. Let us say that you are a female and your height is 5 feet and 8 inches, then your ideal weight should be 65 kilo grams or less and it should not be less than 50 kilograms. More or way too less weight can cause back aches.

Do Enough Exercise: there so may people who have to sit in the chairs and work all day and since they have less mobility, it causes back pain and that is why it is suggested that you do at least 30 minutes exercise on daily basis.

Try Hot or Cold Therapy: if you have started to have back pains due to an injury then it is suggested that you get a hot water bottle and see if it works and if it doesn’t then try put cold packs on the aching area.

Try Acupuncture: if all that does not work then you can try what seems to be painful but it does not pain at all and this had been making so many successful stories of pain free back.