Your kidneys are responsible to filter blood. The organs keep useful material in the blood and filter out toxins and sodium. The waste particles make urine with filtered out water and fluids. Therefore, people suffer when a kidney would not function properly. There are many ways to keep kidneys healthy. 

Researchers and the best urologists in Dubai and other countries have advised people different things to keep their kidneys healthy. Some of them are:

  • Lots of water: Although it is a bit of cliché advice, drinking lots of water help kidneys to filter blood and toxins from the blood to free the body with them. Therefore, doctors advise to drinks at least eight glasses or two litres of water every day to keep yourselves hydrated. It is better to drink more water if you had kidney stones. 
  • Exercise: If you want to keep your kidneys as fit as fiddle for a long time then do exercise daily. You can walk or jog in a park for an hour or have some exercises at home or gym to keep yourselves active. Exercise keeps your blood pressure optimum while it maintains the health of your heart. That’s how it keeps kidneys healthy and fit for a long time. 
  • Healthy diet: It is important to include greens, meat and beans in the diet to provide essential nutrients to kidneys. Your diet should have minimum sodium and cholesterol to keep kidneys fine. Try to include berries, fish, cauliflower and whole grains in the diet. Although you can have fries and nuggets, try to use good-fat oil to maintain your weight. The more you have ideal weight the healthier you will be. Therefore, maintain your weight and do not consume fat-rich food too much.
  • Blood Sugar: It is a must for diabetic patients to control blood sugars because it is difficult for kidneys to filter blood when there is minimum glucose in the blood. People can control blood sugar by consuming fruits and food that have light-sugar. It will add glucose in the blood in the required quantities.
  • Avoid Smoking: Cigarettes and vape fill your blood with carbon monoxide and nicotine that reduce the speed of blood flow. Your blood consists of proteins of your meat and vitamins of your vegetables. Therefore, your kidney would not get proper nutrients on time from blood and it would not filter it timely and it can have negative effect on the body.  

Unlike appendicitis, a pair of kidney is an important organ in the body. You cannot afford to lose them or you would face the music. It is advised to weak and 60-year-old people to visit the best hospitals in Dubai for the checkup of their kidneys regularly.