What Services do Printing Companies offer to Businesses

The most popular professional digital and art printing services are electrostatic and embossing printing. An embossing press makes a distinct mark onto paper by using dye and paste in the same material. This produces an attractive textured design which is quite common now and is easily readable. A laser printer then colors the design to produce a nice effect.

There are other printing services that utilize;

  • inkjet
  • thermal
  • platen printing technology

These are not as widely available but they are worth looking into if you need a lot of printing done quickly and cheaply.

Color Copying:

There are many businesses who have not even heard of high-speed color copiers but have probably used them at one time or another. Color copying is a service which can be used by businesses of any size or from any country around the world. It is a service which requires the most sophisticated machinery but does not necessarily need to be state of the art.

Offset Printing Services:

Offset printing services offer very low-cost copying which is suitable for companies who need to produce large amounts of copies quickly and cheaply. They do not have the same high standards as a full-service printer so there may be some edge cases but for the most part, offset printing services deliver good results.

Fast Printing Services:

Businesses which require extremely fast printing services and managed print services in Dubai often opt for either digital printing services or offset printing services. Digital printing services can deliver extremely fast color copy and they are capable of copying various different types of document like receipts, contracts, pamphlets, business cards, and even posters. This is a service which is ideal for companies which need a high volume of printed materials within a short space of time and cannot afford to invest in a high-speed color copier.

Offset Printing Press:

The other option available for printing services is the use of an offset printing press. An offset printing press uses a roller feeder system which feeds paper through the printer from one side at high speed. This service is suitable for printing only certain areas or parts of a document which can be produced at a later date when the machine is able to reproduce the information that was initially fed.

Pro Tip for Finalizing a Printing Company:

An important consideration when looking for printing services is to consider how the documents will be sorted and stored once they are completed. If the documents will be stored in a physical location, then it is essential to choose a printing service which uses durable and high quality ink.