CMA is the abbreviation of a Certified Management Accountant. It is a worldwide recognized degree in finance and accounting that is an amalgamation of accounting, finance, business and many other subjects that has core relations to accounting. 

Today, there are many certifications in accounting but CMA is considered as the most fruitful certification. There are many reasons why CMA online course is the best to learn. Scroll down to know the advantages of CMA!

Diverse Syllabus:
Unlike the syllabus of CFA and ACCA, the syllabus and course outline of CMA is diverse and practical. It gives you knowledge about business, finance, responsible accounting, professional ethics and management. Therefore, it makes the certification relevant to practical life. You can apply the teaching to make ground for yourself in any department in the company. Hence, it is easier to study for CMA as you can relate and see its teachings in practical life. 

Bachelor’s is enough:
You don’t need to study accounts in past to pursue CMA. All you need is to have a Bachelor’s degree and two years of experience. You can have experience in any field and work to meet the experience requirement of CMA. Therefore, the majority of the students and young adults aim for CMA after doing or while doing Bachelors.

Two exams= Certified Management Accountant:
Instead of giving 12 to 14 exams, you have to clear two exams only to become a certified management accountant. Yet, those two exams are hard. You have to study more than 20 hours every week to clear them with minimum marks. There are two exams in CMA: CMA Part I and CMA Part II.  Part I is financial planning, performance and analytics and Part II is strategic financial management. 

Worldwide recognition:
CMA is an internationally recognized certification that can allow you to apply for a job in the residing country or abroad to avail more and more opportunities and grow professionally with flying colours.

Experience and decision making:
Other degrees and profession can give you ground to excel in your department but CMA gives you the platform to become part of the management team and grow and groom yourself more and more professionally. It lets you to play an important and vital role in the decision making of the company.

CMA is the toughest degree to pursue but financial modeling course in Abu Dhabi is not as better as CMA. So, invest money in CMA and have a better career!