Water tanks are commonly created using plastic. Several types of plastic water tanks are available in the market. The two main factors associated to their types are that one of them are suitable for holding water used for human consumption, and the other to hold water that is not meant to be drunk. The two different varieties are known as ‘potable water storage’ and ‘non-potable water storage’ respectively.

Water tanks that rest above the ground and only used to store cold water are often made from plastic, hence they are lightweight, easy to install and easy to manufacture. These types of tanks are used temporarily or where portability or easy access is needed. These tanks available in sizes up to 10,000 liters have been known to supply water to temporary buildings and cabins or being used for farming and fire-fighting.

Plastic water tanks will often be manufactured as one large piece and requires no assembling. Being lightweight, they are easy to move and install. However, when access to a site is restricted, it sometimes becomes necessary to construct the unit as multiple parts and put together at the final destination. The method of installation of these ‘sectional tanks’ put together from panels will depend upon whether the tank is flanged internally or externally.

Sections when installed over beams or walls are known as an externally flanged base while the internally flanged base tanks rest on a flat supporting base.

For rain water harvesting system, the more flexible option to be used is the semi-sectional water tank where a base unit is placed, and horizontal layers are added on it. These horizontal layers are added until the correct capacity is reached.

Both above ground and underground water tanks are used for rain water harvesting, one for the initial collection and other for storage of water that has gone through filtration. Rainwater harvesting is a cost effective way to reduce your water bills by storing and reusing rainwater.

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