Parking is a huge issue around the globe, it is not just about UAE in fact every country has to face such type of issues due to increased number of vehicles. To resolve this, every country has developed their own strategies through which they could minimize all this hassle among which car parking management system is on the top. There are several car parking management system companies in UAE which basically help in building this advanced system.

Parking management system Dubai is also very common and this has created a lot of convenience in people’s life. It is quite easy to use and on the other side it is time saving as well. In this article we will discuss some important features of these parking management systems so that you could understand its real importance.

Division according to vehicle type

To utilize the complete space of the parking lot, division has been done according to the vehicle type. This will not only helps in occupying whole available space but it will also give a free opportunity to every person so that they could park their vehicle whether it is two wheeled or four wheeled. The system gives a complete guide about the appropriate location of each vehicle type which will save a lot of your time.

Displaying of vacant slots on LEDs

It is quite frustrating when you have to keep on circulating in a huge parking lot just to find a vacant slot for your car as it will consume a lot of your energy as well as time. To resolve this issue in the best possible way, parking management systems display the vacant slots through LEDs on every floor. In this way you will be able to decide that either you will get your parking on that floor or you have to move to another one.

Appropriate monitoring

Obviously safety should be the first most focused feature as nobody will want to park their car in the area which is not safe. To ensure this aspect parking management system involves appropriate monitoring by security guards as well as CCTV cameras. On the other hand if someone break any rule of the parking slot then penalties are also charged to maintain a peaceful parking system without any violence. In this way the drivers can easily park their vehicle without any stress.