There are various kinds of printers. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Different types of printers include Laser Printers, Solid Ink Printers, LED Printers, Business Inkjet Printers, Home Inkjet Printers, Multifunctional Printers, Dot Matrix Printers, and 3D Printers.

Laser Printers
They were developed in the 1960s by Xerox and commonly used in offices and are very efficient printers. They are cost-effective and increased productivity and work at a high speed.

Solid Ink Printers
They are specially designed to save space and your money. It works by melting solid ink sticks during the printing which creates vibrant tones. They are environment friendly and have a compact design.

LED Printers
They have features similar to laser printers but a light-emitting diode rather than a laser to create images on the print drum or belt. They are more efficient and reliable than laser printers. Also, they come at cheaper rates than laser printers.

Business Inkjet Printers
They can produce highly detailed and photo-realistic prints and they require limited warm up time. Their disadvantage is that they are costlier in printing a single page than other printers and produce wet prints.

Inkjet Printers
They are used in homes. They produce photo-realistic prints and they need no warm up time. But they are very expensive and print pages at a very slow speed.

Multifunctional Printer
They are capable of printing as well as scanning, copying, and faxing tasks. They are called all in one printer. They save a lot of money as you do not have to buy different types of machinery. They can perform different tasks at a time and are capable of printing at a high speed.

Dot Matrix Printers
They are the oldest type of printers. Imageries and text are drawn out in tiny dots when a print head strikes an ink-soaked cloth against the paper in the required design or creation. They are cheaper in buying and per-page costs are also low. Their maintenance costs are also cheap compared to other printers but they are very noisy.

3D Printers
They are the latest form of printers and can print 3D objects using high-quality resin. As it is the latest technology so it’s quite expensive.

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