maco, Brent, Underglaze - A Review

Pottery is an ideal material for creating works of art. It is relatively low-priced and has rich, vivid colors that can match any decor. However, if the glazing has been done before, it may not be possible to apply glaze again without damaging the work. This is where Amaco Underglaze comes into play. The company offers a wide variety of glaze colors that are suitable for both ceramic art and pottery in UAE.

The company is able to offer a low-cost alternative to professional glaze application by using amaco products. These include macro’s “floating in-frame” glaze that is applied directly to the ceramic piece and cured in the heat oven. It is then cured in a pressurized environment to form a high gloss surface that is durable against high temperatures and does not chip easily.

The amaco under glaze product line also includes an amino urethane glaze that is applied with a brush. The product is mixed with water to form a thick, stiff, smooth high gloss shine that can be applied and cured directly on the ceramic piece. It also includes an amino urethane finish that is highly-resistant to moisture and can withstand high temperatures. It is available in three finishes; flat-shine, Matt and brushed silver. The flat-shine finish has a mirror like quality and is available in different colors; it can also be cured to a satin or velvety finish.

The company also offers a range of choice glazes such as torinese and shino glazes. These are an alternative to the high end vitreous chucks and kiln fired ceramic tiles that are used in most traditional pottery creations. They are available in different colors and are less expensive than their urethane cousins. They require slightly shorter firing times and produce a coarser grained look than the ceramics with which they are comparable.

Amaco has also developed a technology that makes it slow fire burning glazes even more desirable. The low fire option produces a finer texture with less loss of glaze when fired. Its high fire glaze burning rate of only 8 seconds per load is an advantage in many cases. The amaco website describes how its unique low temperature, high strength and toughness products meet consumer needs. However, the company emphasizes that none of these characteristics make macro’s low fire glazes appropriate for home use. It can, however, be used for fine craft projects such as tableware, metal cutting and polishing and as a substitute for expensive ceramic materials such as porcelain.