Most people love to buy new and luxury cars as they have one of the best features. But have you ever thought about buying used cars? Yes! Buying used cars can be more beneficial than new cars. Surprised? In this article, we will learn about the surprising benefits of buying a used car that you never imagine. Let’s see

Saves you money:

 One of the biggest reasons to buy used cars is the prices which are much lower than new ones. This is how you can save money and may enjoy the same features as new cars. Therefore used cars are the first choice for many people because they don’t only provide quality transportation but also satisfaction for several years.

Much depreciation has occurred already:

Most people complain about new cars, how these cars get depreciated so early? When you buy a new car, it depreciates 11% in the first year, which means the value of the vehicle has dropped from $10,000 to $8900. However, used cars have already much depreciated .there are some particular cars that gain value except depreciated.

No extra fees: 

Buying a new can increase your overall cost as they have hidden and extra charges like destination fee, advertisement fee, shipping charges, and documentation charges. On the other hand, when you buy a used car, there are not involved hidden fees or other charges except documentation fees; the documentation fees can be a few dollars.

Deeply inspected and certified:

One of the great things about buying a used car is they are thoroughly inspected and have legitimate certification by government authority or manufacturer. It makes you sure about the quality and performance of the vehicle. Mostly, used cars have extended and BMW warranty UAE, which is more beneficial for you.

Better for the environment:

A recent study shows that new vehicles are contributing to producing more carbon dioxide than used cars. However, used cars are playing a crucial role in the betterment of the environment as they help to reduce carbon dioxide in the air.


Some car dealers offer manufacturer and extended warranties on used cars. Having extended warranties provide better repair and maintenance facility by trained technicians, which makes you satisfied and gives you peace of mind.  You can also buy a used Mercedes benz warranty packages.