As time is passing, the buyers of solar panels are increasing more and more. That’s the reason why there are solar power companies in Pakistan. However, there are some interesting facts about these panels and power system. Scroll down to know what the interesting facts about them are that you might don’t know!

  1. Solar panels were invented in 1941.
    Alexandre Edmond Becquerel discovered the photovoltaic effect in 1837. The photovoltaic effect is all about converting the sun’s energy into electricity. After three years, Russell Ohl invented solar panels in 1941 and Bell laboratories was the first client to install them in 1954. 
  2. Solar panels could convert one hour’s of sunlight into energy that you Earth can use for a year.
    Solar panels convert sunlight into power. It converts some of the energy into photovoltaic energy and other is solar thermal. Photovoltaic energy is the sunlight that is used to make electricity while solar thermal is used for heating. 
  3. Solar Panels can produce electricity and heating without direct sunlight.
    Whether it is a cloudy day or sunny day, some rays of sunlight of different spectrum are dancing out on the Earth and your solar panels can store rays from that spectrum. Therefore, power could be produced if the sun is hiding behind the clouds. 
  4. If there are solar panels at your home, there would be a reduction in co2 emission.
    Solar power is all about clean and pure energy; therefore, there would be a significant reduction in co2 emission at homes if there are solar panels because it does not produce pollution. That’s the reason why the panels and power reduce the emission of CO2, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide.
  5. The US is the third-largest market to buy and sell solar panels.
    Today American buy solar panels and install solar power 23 times more than eight years ago and that’s what makes it the third-largest market in the world. As the prices of the solar power system are decreasing day by day, it appeals more to people to install panels and save the bills. Although Pakistan is growing in the solar power market, there are solar panel companies in Pakistan and they are growing at pace.

So, these five important facts about solar panels that you might don’t know. Solar panels have many advantages and interesting history. After all, solar energy is way too interesting.